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Our Gose is a traditional tart German wheat beer brewed with pink Himalayan sea salt and coriander. This beer is delicate, tart, and refreshing.

Amber Ale
With a red hue, our dry amber ale has a nice malty and slightly toasted first impression. Balanced with floral Willamette hops and aged on rye whiskey soaked oak chips, maple chips, and vanilla bean.

Finally! The Milk Stout!
Using a heavy hand of oats and lactose, this milk stout is incredibly creamy and smooth. The stout has notes of dark chocolate and roasted malt throughout, with a nice coffee finish.

Beer We Brew

Berliner Weisse
Hailing from Northern Germany, this wheat beer is light and highly effervescent. It is tart and refreshing with a crisp lemon note that is complimented by a subtle malt character.

Dave’s Lager
This Märzen has a deep copper color and rich flavor and aroma with notes of caramel and lightly toasted malts. This recipe was created by our brewer’s father! Prost!

Our Gose is a traditional tart German wheat beer brewed with pink Himalayan sea salt and coriander. This beer is delicate, tart, and refreshing.

Hulk SMaSH vol. 1
The first in a series of beers which showcases a “Single Malt and Single Hop” variety. For volume 1, we are showcasing the Maris Otter malt and the Hallertau Blanc hop. Maris Otter malt has a uniquely rich and nutty flavor, while the Hallertau Blanc hops have floral, citrus and fruity aromatics and flavors.

Finally! The Milk Stout!
Using a heavy hand of oats and lactose, this milk stout is incredibly creamy and smooth. The stout has notes of dark chocolate and roasted malt throughout, with a nice coffee finish.

Nebraska IPA
This IPA is balanced, juicy, and hazy. The hops have very citrus and fruit-forward flavors, including papaya, tangerine, and passion fruit. With a soft and pleasantly chewy mouth feel, this beer is perfect for a hot summer day in Georgia.

Belgian Red
This is an Abbey-style ale with a very smooth malt character. It is a very complex medium bodied Belgian, delicately spiced with ginger, coriander and a touch of oak. Its finish is dry with suggestions of raspberries.

Pumpkin Ale
This exceptional beer is reddish amber in color with a medium body. Generously spiced and brewed with fresh pumpkin which is sliced, baked and mashed right here. This ale boasts an indisputable pumpkin pie character.

Nut Brown Ale
This English style brown ale is deep amber in color with a medium-light body. Chocolate rye and toasted malt lend to this beers soft nutty character and smooth finish.

Abbey Ale
This Belgium-style beer has a burgundy color with a medium body. made with authentic Abbey yeast, its aroma has a wondrously complex spiciness. This beer’s flavor begins with a malty sweetness that melts away to a fruity warming finish reminiscent of cherries.

Oak Aged Abbey Ale
This Belgian-style beer is pale amber in color with a medium-light body. Both its aroma and flavor have a soft, warming malt character with firmly spiced cherry notes. Its finish is dry with vanilla overtones.

Something Wonderful
This wonderfulness is an oak-aged Belgian style wheat beer that is reddish in color with a light body. Its flavor profile carries a complex fruitiness with a dry finish that is simply refreshing.

Cappuccino Stout
This is a London-Style cream stout brewed with three seperate additions of the very unique full-city Ethiopian Sidamo. Behind its silky body is a tantalizing coffee aroma and smooth roasted flavor. Its finish is complex with white pepper, earthy notes. Served on a nitrogen tap.

Espresso Stout
As the name implies, this beer is brewed with six different coffee bean varietals freshly roasted by Jittery Joes. Espresso roastiness shines through in the aroma and flavor that smoothly fades to a dry chocolaty finish. This beer is served on a nitrogen tap that says “Drink Me!”

Oatmeal Stout
Our stout is opaque with ruby red highlights and a full textured silky body. Its inviting aroma is a complex mixture of roasty, chocolately, and malty tones. Its flavor follows through with a smooth rich balance that will excited any stout drinker. Served on a nitrogen tap.

This English style ale is reddish amber in color with a medium-light body. Sometimes served on a nitrogen tap, its aroma and flavor are predominately malty with butterscotch suggestions. Its finish is smoothly balanced by the crisp character of herbal hop notes.

Smoked Porter
This English-style porter is opaque with a crimson hue and medium body. Its caramel-chocolate flavors slowly give way to its warming, toasty, smoked finish. Served on a nitrogen tap.

American Pale Ale
This beer is pale copper in color with a medium-light body. Brewed with five different hop varieties, its aroma is very floral and inviting. The mildly malty flavor of this beer is nicely rounded by its complex hoppy finish.

Belgian Blonde
This unfiltered ale is cloudy straw in color with a light body. Brewed with coriander and an authentic Abbey ale yeast, this beer’s aroma and flavor is a complex blend of spicy citrus and apricot.

Belgian Wheat
This Belgian beer is very pale with a light, crisp body. Its complex spicy aroma and flavor come from an authentic Belgian yeast, coriander, and orange peel. Its finish is very dry with soft citrus notes.

Cisco Pale Ale
This golden American-style IPA is brewed from 100% pale ale malt and very generous hop additions. It’s a big beer with a smooth malt character that goes very well with firmly unapologetic hop flavor and aroma.

Columbus I.P.A.
This pale amber American style IPA has a medium-light body. Brewed exclusively with Columbus hops. Its flavor and aroma quickly trump its rich malt character, finishing with a very firm, piney-citrus dryness.

No, it won’t do your taxes. This is a tribute beer to the ’08 Centennial hop crop. We used the grain bill of our I.P.A. with 100% Centennial hop additions to allow this hop’s distinctive varietal characters to shine through. It boosts smooth malt with up front citrus and dry herbal notes.

English Mild
This cousin of the Nut Brown Ale is widely popular in the west midlands of England.  It was historically brewed to quench the thirst of rural workers during the industrial revolution.  Extremely light body, floral aroma, and restrained malt character make for a very drinkable brew.  Served on a nitrogen tap for extra smoothness.

German Pils
This German style pilsner is very pale golden in color with an ultra dry body. It is brewed with German pilsner malt, a touch of Munich malt and plenty of Magnum and Hallertau hops. This beer has an extremely clean malt character that finishes with a superbly crisp hoppiness.

This Bavarian-Style lager is reddish amber in color with a medium-light body. This beer is traditionally consumed (in mass quantity) to celebrate the new brewing season. Its aroma and flavor carry a firm toasty malt character that quickly melts away to a very crisp finish.

Pumpkin 2.0
Still brewed with fresh pumpkin and generous spice additions, this beer continues to exhibit undeniable pumpkin character in its amber reddish hue. This time around we oak aged it opening layers of complexity with organic vanilla and apple dryness in the finish.

Scottish Ale
Crimson in color, this robust beer has a medium body. Both its flavor and aroma are a complex blend of toasted toffee and caramel notes. This ale is dry and warming with a faintly smokey finish.

Vienna Lager
This Bavarian lager is brewed with Vienna and Cava Munich malts and fermented with an Oktoberfest yeast. It is fairly pale with a rich, clean malt profile that finishes very crisply.

This Bavarian style wheat has a cloudy golden straw color with a very light body. Its aroma and flavor are complexly spicy with clove and banana notes. Weizen has a finish that is dryish-tart and highly quenching.

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