A message from our brewer – Matt Buley

For twelve years now it has been my continuing mission to bring Athens a taste of the world through the joy of freshly brewed beer. Employing the use of a wide variety of malted barley, hops and yeast strains, Copper Creek rotates approximately 39 different styles of beer each year. Freshness makes a difference! Anyone who has had the opportunity to travel can testify to the excitement of finding an extraordinary beer in its homeland but then be disappointed that its bottled version just doesn’t quite match up. Here, at Copper Creek, we have the luxury of going tank to tap. All of our ingredients are ground, mashed, and fermented on premises which allows us the pleasure of supplying a product that has only seen your glass. This fact liberates me from having to filter or pasteurize our beers.

The end result is a beer with unsurpassed freshness and robust complexity. Enjoy!

- Matt

Outside of Copper Creek